Wine Cups / Copas de vino

A simple composition on Blender rendered in Cycles. I did this one last year trying to explore the materials' properties on Cycles, specially the glass and the reflection of light.
Esta es una composición sencilla que realicé hace un año tratando de explorar los atributos y propiedades de materiales en Cycles, especialmente la reflexión de la luz en el vidrio. Blender V.2.62.

Planning Planogrames with SketchUp

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the the most important seasons to market food items on muslim countries. During 2012's Ramadan the Company wanted the merchandisers' team to keep the same layout on the promotion displays according with the needs of each market and product demand, then I created a 3d model for every product on promotion respecting the sizes to create a group of "simulation displays" which we printed out on leaflets for the team, so they could see how the display should be arranged. Here are some pictures:

El mes sagrado del Ramadán es una de las de las temporadas más importantes de comercialización de  productos alimenticios en los países musulmanes. Durante el Ramadán de 2012, la empresa quería que el equipo de mercadeo mantuviera el mismo diseño en las gondolas de promoción de acuerdo con las necesidades de cada mercado y la demanda de cada producto, asi que he creado un modelo 3D de cada producto en promoción respetando los tamaños para crear un grupo de "gondolas de simulación" que imprimimos en folletos para el equipo y así ellos pudieran ver cómo se deberian organizar  los productos. Aquí hay algunas imágenes:

SIAL ME 2013 Trade Stand (Sketch)

As usual, at the end of the year SIAL Middle East Exhibition have place in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. This time the company is participating as a gold sponsor but not as an exhibitor itself. When they decided to move on that way, I had already the sketches for the stand. So this one will be always just a project but any way here it is:

 More info about SIAL ME 2013 here.

Toothpaste Dispenser / Dispensador de crema dental

A few years ago I had the opportunity to work on an academic project about this problem: The toothpaste is always wasted (more or less 10% to 15%, maybe more) when using it. There are many reasons: 
➊ Sometimes is really difficult to take out the toothpaste from the collapsible tube, specially if this is aluminum made; so inside every tube, there's a remaining amount of paste.
➋ Maybe because of the TV advertising, people uses a lot of toothpaste every time they apply the paste on the brush, but when they are start brushing their teeth, the paste is always falling down. (All of us experienced the same).
So, here we are: the solution of this ridiculous waste of money is here: The toothpaste dispenser redesigned:

I also added a new accessory for the tooth brushes and glass, both of them hanging from a pair of silicone suction cups.

Originally, I created something similar using Corel Dream 3D, but now with SketchUp I made this nice version of my famous Toothpaste Dispenser.

New office spaces

The new building for Head Office is almost done, so the management ask me to do a proposal for the new spaces' distribution; all the ground floor will be a huge warehouse for goods, either dry and frozen. The mezzanine will be the office for many departments including Costumer Service, Van Sales, Foodservice Division, Marketing (my own) and many others. I thought that is nice if the complete area is free of solid walls and to divide only with some file furniture. I enjoyed designing every space according with the future use and applying user-centered design and researching between the people currently working and their needs and expectations. These are the first visuals of this project, I made it using my new favorite CAD 3D modeling software; Trimble SketchUp. 

The reception is a large space just at the end of the staircase coming from the entrance. As usual, I'm applying wood, stainless steel and glass over a skeleton made on steel pipes.  

The pantry is a kind of kitchen that will be able to offer a comfortable stay and sensation of relax during break and lunch times. It will be equipped with a fridge, micro waves oven  and stove. 

The areas for the workstations will be divided by rolling file cabinets aligned back to back. There's also a copy center located on a strategic point reachable for every one.

All the workstations are aligned to be efficient and easy accessible at the same time, around them are the file cabinets. 

As the different departments are gathered, the communication into them is even possible in a better way; all the coworkers can see and talk each other  trough the workstations.

There's an ablution area just near to the toilets and opposite to the prayer rooms. 

There's a section of the current building where we just will do some new distributions of the space and it will look like that: